Learn more about how our research is powered by Scientific Methods

Learn more about how our research is powered by
Scientific Methods

The ARC Engine

The source of intelligence behind our products, and the repository of wisdom from our research is the ARC Engine, a proprietary system developed by Parentof. With over 2 years of testing and 25,000+ man hours of research, the ARC Engine intelligently uses technology and applies the expertise of child growth experts to address parenting challenges.

The ARC Engine is unique in the way it uses the knowledge of experts to identify Growth Indicators for each skill, and ability. This innovation enables our solutions to assess and improve a child’s growth on each skill, based on scientific growth indicators.

The efficacy of the ARC Engine has been certified by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) through tests and studies conducted in collaboration with them. Further, an independent community of experts constantly tests the intelligence and accuracy of the ARC Engine and contribute their knowledge to make the ARC Engine a truly scientific platform.

Become a Knowledge Partner

At Parentof we believe that collective knowledge and expertise of a community of experts greatly improves the effectiveness of all parenting solutions. We are building a community of Knowledge Partners across diverse fields ranging from academics, neuroscience,psychology, music, medicine, nutrition, etc. As a Knowledge Partner, you will –

  • Access our research and collaborate with us to publish papers and insights.
  • Contribute your knowledge to our ARC Engine
  • Be instrumental in making artificial intelligence less artificial and more human.

To empanel as a knowledge partner, please fill the form below.

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